We expand food possibility with starch.
Starch × Creativity

We want to deliver better taste and improve food quality.
We want to improve food quality more.
The more food becomes diverse, the more the request of starch texture and function from our customers is changing.
We are developing ideal starch to satisfy our customers with our strength of flexible responsiveness.


The series have freeze, acid and high heat resistance.

These are used as a thickener of frozen foods and retort foods, a texture ehnhancer of various foods.

DELICA KH-D High viscosity
DELICA SE High stability
DELICA RB Middle and smooth viscosity, it derived from rice starch

The series have emulsion.

These are used as an emulsion stabilizer to have good compatibility with fats and oils.

NYUKA W High viscosity
NYUKA L Low viscosity
AMYCOL NYUKA D Low viscosity, pregelatinized starch

Improving the quality of W/O emulsion

Emulsifier-free, improving emulsion stability, imparting hardness

No starch added


The series have high gelling property and high concentrated paste is obtainable.

These are used as an texture improver of gel like foods and fried foods and food labelling is available.

NSP-HA High viscosity
NSP-EA Low viscosity
NSP-B1 Low viscosity, high heat-reversible

Application:Fried foods, gummy, filling, imitation cheese etc.

Solidification of liquid dressing

  • Gelation of emulsion liquid
  • The series are ideal for topping breads to become a paste when heat

No starch added



The starches have insoluble dietary fiber.

These are used to increase dietary fiber and decreasing carbohydrate in various foods.

FIBOSE RS3, dietary fiber content 20 ~ 30 % d.b. food labelling is available.
PB-9000 RS4, dietary fiber content more 75 % d.b.

Application:Bakery, noodle etc.

Comparison of dietary fiber content

The starches have a porous structure.

These are used as a powdered base of liquid oils and excipients. food labelling is available.

RONFOOD OWP Heat gelatinization, high tableting suitability
OIL Q No.50 Soluble in cold water, high transparency of paste

Application:Instant food, nursing care supplement, tablet etc.

Comparison of oil absorption

  • Increasing oil absorption
  • Oil stain control

The starches have function by physical processing.

These are used as a texture enhancer of processed meat food and an emulsion stabilizer. Food labeling is available.

F-COAT NR-10 Emulsion stability, it is derived from cassava starch
F-COAT GU High gelling property, it is derived from potato starch

Application:Dressing, processed meat food etc.

Comparison of lipophilicity with oil

  • The preventive effect of oil floating
cassava starch

Improving the physical property of sausage

  • Increasing gel strength
  • Drip prevention