We apply starch to cosmetics.

As a natural material, starch is applied to various foods and is safe and reliable.
It is derived from plants and it has environmentally-friendly material so it is biodegradable.
We are developing our products by processing starch in order to improve the function such as foam and powder, cream property of cosmetics etc.

INCI Name:Ipomoea Batatas/Solanum Tuberosum (Potato) Starch

Natural scrub derived from starch

Superior biodegradability to be composed of a natural material

Low irritation by moderate water absorption and swelling

Not only high detergency with polygonal shape but also smooth and elastic feeling when used Comparison of scrubs

Before water absorption

After absorbing water


  Micro p;astic beads Corn cab AMYCOL GN
Shape spherical polygonal polygonal
Irritation ×


INCI Name:Aluminum Starch Octenylsuccinate

A cosmetic material derived from corn starch

Biodegradable and an environmentally-friendly material

Improve the feeling of cosmetics by reducing the oiliness of oil-based ingredients

Makes skin soft and gives a matte feeling and doesn’t leave white residue on the skin

High fluidity and handling by high water repellency and uniform particle size

It is a substitute for talc and microplastic beads etc. to give skin smooth
Reduction of sebum floating

  corn starch OCTIE Talc
Shape Polygonal (compounded particles) Polygonal (single particle) Scaly
(× 1500)
Average particle diameter (in EtOH) 21.9μm 14.9μm 9.0μm
 Angle of repose 51 21 48
Oil absorption 46 mL/100 g 38 mL/100 g 70 mL/100 g
Water repellency low high high
Water repellency


INCI Name:TEA-Dextrin Octenylsuccinate

Low irritative and skin-friendly carbohydrate-based surfactant

(A high native albumin ratio means low irritation in the albumin denaturation test.)

Give a smooth touch and moist feeling of hair with a small amount of NATURALNISK DP


Application:Shampoo, conditioner, facial wash etc.

INCI Name:Sodium Starch Octenylsucinate

Emulsion starch

Homogenized starch paste and oil forms a stable O/W emulsion

It gives better elasticity and dense-feeling to foam property, when added to facial washes

Application:Emulsion stabilizer , Thickener , Foam quality modifier etc

Foam improver of washes



INCI Name:Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Starch Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
※It contains phenoxyethanol (1.0%) and citrate (0.5%)

Quaternary cationized carbohydrate-based polymer that is degraded hydroxypropyl starch

It enables to make hair surface more smooth compared to cationized guar gum or polyquaternium-10

It gives better elasticity and dense-feeling to foam property, when added to facial washes

Application:Shampoo, conditioner, treatment etc.

Safety test

Primary skin irritation : Non-irritating substance (rabbit)
Continuous skin irritation : Non-irritating substance (57 out of 57)
Eye irritation (rabbit)
Skin sensitization : Negative (Guinea pig , 48hr)
Patch tests in human subjects (42 out of 42 , 24hr)



Cationized guar gum

Hair friction test


INCI Name:Hydoroxypropyl Cyclodextrin

This is hydroxypropylating β-CD which has the lowest solubility in CD.

By inclusion of perfume or pigment into the ring structure, it exerts the effect of stabilizing perfume or pigment, and the deodorizing effect

Deodorizing ability test