Modified starch


potato starch/corn starch/tapioca starch/wheat starch etc.
Derivative Ether Hydroxyalkyl starch
Carboxymethyl starch
Cationic starch
Ester Starch acetate
Starch octenyl succinate
Starch phosphate
Cross-link Distarch phosphate
Distarch adipate
Distarch glycerol
Graft Graft copolymerized starch
Decomposition Pyro dextrin White dextrin
Yellow dextrin
British gum
Enzymolysis Malto-dextrin
Oxidization Soluble starch
Pregelatinization Pregelatinization Pregelatinized unmodified starch
Pregelatinized modified starch
Others J.P. grade starch
oil and fats process
Granular starch
Oil absorbent starch

How to produce modified starch


Starch derivative is a modified starch that hydroxyl group of anhydrous glucose group is substituted with various functional groups. By inducing hydrophilic group, gelatinisation-starting temperature becomes lower. The transparency and the stability of paste are improved. Combining multi-functional groups to more than two hydroxyl groups, heat resistance, chemical resistance and shearing resistance are improved. It is also possible to combine some different modifications and processes. It has extensive applications such as food additive medical, papermaking, textile and other fields.


Decomposing starch by heating with acid and hydrolyzing starch with enzyme are called Dextrin. Soluble in cold water and high concentrated paste is obtainable. Hydrolyzed starch by organic or inorganic acid is called Soluble Starch and soluble in hot water and high concentrated paste is also obtainable. Being used widely in food,feed,pharmaceuticals, dyestuffs and many other fields.


Pregelatinized starch is obtainable by drying the paste quickly in swollen or dissolved state. This modified starch can be swollen in cold water and easily becomes paste. Pregelatinized starch is classified into two categories; one is pregelatinized maintaining characteristic of native starch and another one is pregelatinized the modified starches such as derivative starch or soluble starch. Food, feed, paper making and many other industries are utilizing them.


High fluid granulated starch with even and spherical granules and sterilized and dried starch, strictly controlled water and bacterium, are available for food and pharmaceutical uses. For pharmaceutical grade, we test it carefully under Japan Pharmacopoeia regulation. Oil absorbing starch, which is absorbing liquid oil and turning it to powder, is also available.