The food industry

The application of modified starches for food is remarkably diversified from traditional thickeners and bulking agents to more sophisticated and new areas in food industry to cope with the demands for more handy fast foods through such as convenience stores etc.and development of health oriented diets.

  • Thicken stably
    Sauce, Seasoning soy, Soup, Retorted food,Frozen food, Canned food
    Individual mouthfeel
    Noodle, Bread, Cake, Snack, Tempura, Batter fly
    Long lasting taste and texture
    Fish and meat product, Meat-bun filling, chinese dumpling,Egg product, Flour paste
    Flour paste, Jelly, Glutinous bun, Sesame tofu, Warabimochi,Uiro
    Lustered surface
    Rice confectionery, Preserved food boiled down with soy, Dried food, Seasoning soy
    Good emulsion stability
    Dressing, Mayonnaise, Emulsion seasoning
    Powdered seasoning, Powdered flavour, Powdered oil, Instant soup
    Rice cracker, Shrimp cracker, Snack, Bread、Cake
    Sport supplement, Enhanced fibre product, Product for dysphagia
  • The food industry

Medical and Agricultural chemicals

  • In pharmaceutical industry, having introduced GMP to secure quality, they are upgrading the qualities of their products and it is commonly used certified materials under the Japanese pharmacopoeia. We are, accordingly, providing various modified starch products to meet these requirements.

    In agricultural chemical field, the environment friendly and safety materials are required. The modified starch is highlighted for many applications as the right materials and the role of modified starches is even widening.

  • Medical and Agricultural chemicals


FeedToday, fishery resource is in the news. The fish-culture industry is regarded as an important business to secure food-stuff. Modified starches are widely utilized in the fish feeding industry as binding agent, expanding agent, dry pellets, moist pellets and so forth.

Other Industries

Since early times, starch has been used as adhesives and binders. Since the synthetic polymers from petrochemistry were introduced, they are used in various fields as an alternative to starch. Modified starches making the best of the specific characteristics of natural starch are indispensable in specific fields and recognized once again as nature-friendly materials.

  • Paper making
    Wet end additives, Retention aid,Surface sizer, Coating binder,Layer binder
    Paper ware
    Remoistenable gummed tape,Labelling adhesives, Parer tube,Corrugated paper
  • Paper
  • Textile
    Printing, Warp sizing, Finishing,Spray sizing, Back-side sizing,Sizing on strand of glass fiber
  • Textile
  • Caking uses
    Foundry, Grindstone, Welding rod,Refractory,Plaster,Ceramic,Soft mud, Color,Mosquito-repellent incense
    Stabilizer of dry cell, Ceramic fiber,Pre-sensitized plate, Acid pickling thickener Resin thickener and emulsifier,Cement retardant,Biodegradable plastic
  • Others